Solar Carport P1 & P2

Location: Bloemendaal Beach – Holland
Capacity: 2.1 MW
Year: 2020

The Municipality of Bloemendaal aan Zee is one of the most famous beach locations in The Netherlands and is highly dedicated to uphold nature, hence the majority of the area having a Natura-2000 designation. With limited free space, the Municipality have set a challenging sustainability policy for the implementation of large-scale solar PV.
Within this policy framework Adamant Solar worked closely with the Municipality to find a suitable location which could add significant value to the already exiting landscape and infrastructure. Multiple surface use became our goal, which resulted into our objective to transfer the two large parking areas near the beach (P1 &P1) into a Solar PV Carport, in balance with the delicate nature and water defence lines of the area. Bloemendaal P1 & P2 parking is now able to cool and dry parking spaces for approx. 800 cars, including EV charging stations next to the Bloemendaal aan Zee beach (near the Dutch Formula 1 circuit).

Project partners:
Rooftop Energy

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