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Adamant Solar aims to produce solar energy efficiently with a view to sustainability and quality. We do this by selecting high-quality and reliable parts and by creating new paths in order to generate and supply affordable clean energy. In this, we do not give in to the status quo, we push our boundaries and we create new opportunities for maximum impact.

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Development of solar parks

Adamant Solar develops, realizes and operates innovative solar energy projects for various types of surfaces and spaces, which we optimize for sustainable, multifunctional use, such as double land use. In this way we make an impact on the environment and we also contribute to the energy transition.

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Charging solutions

Electric charging is the most cost-effective, versatile and scalable solution on the market today, making a well designed EV infrastructure a key to cleaner and sustainable mobility. Through our Adamant RePower business unit, we offer customers in the commercial, industrial and public sectors the opportunity to choose an optimal and fully managed charging solution.

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Adamant Solar develops and builds carport projects combined with solar panels for various parking applications. We can start from one row of parking spaces or entire parking lots, thereby enabling double usage of space. With solar carport projects, solar panels are placed over the parking spaces by means of a weatherproof roofing system. Our solar carport systems come with a fully integrated system for the integration of solar panels and electricity cables, including rainwater drainage. This enables a seamless integration between the metal frame and the other to the solar elements. We take care of the complete project, from feasibility study, technical designs, environmental permits and turnkey construction. Moreover, we offer the possibilities of investment, operation and management by us. If you have available parking space, feel free to contact us to explore your options.
With ground tight solar projects, the solar panels are placed on a specially designed metal structure, which anchored to the soil in order to withstand harsh weather conditions. Adamant Solar supports landowners with the implementation of sustainable multifunctional solar systems for long term usage. In the first phase of the project, we look at the impact of various factors, so we can quickly see whether a project is feasible at a given location or not. We realize solar parks on terrains of at least 3 hectares and are currently working on our international portfolio of approximately 700 hectares with projects in various stages of development. If you also want to know the possibilities for your terrain, please contact us directly, as our experience and expertise enables us to quickly analyse the possibilities for your location.
With water-related projects, solar panels are placed on a specially engineered float and anchored on the bodem or shores enabling the whole system to float on top of the water. Water-related projects ensure a double use function of surface space. Thanks to optimized and reliable systems, solar energy on water has developed into one of the fastest growing solar PV market segments in the World. We have gained the necessary experience in this solar segment, which includes design and application on open water, sand extraction pits, water reservoirs and water drainage basins.
Large roofs catch a lot of sun. We realize large-scale solar roofs where the solar panels are placed on the roof by means of a construction system. We are always available to view your specific situation for both a roof lease and operation (roofs > 5,000 square meters), or for realization for your own use.
We are skilled in the development and operation of solar systems, which directly benefits commercial and industrial consumers through self-consumption of the generated power. By offering long term competitive electricity tariffs (PPA’s), you can secure the self generated clean energy and save on your electricity costs. In such case, we make the investment, do the maintenance and you enjoy the clean electricity and cost savings for many years. Contact us today to learn how this can benefit you.

50 MWp solar energy in 3 years

Adamant Renewables & Rooftop Energy sign partnership agreement for 50 MW solar energy in 3 years.

Better Energy Nederland becomes Adamant Solar

Adamant Solar BV has now taken over all activities of Better Energy Nederland BV.

Eindhoven – Malvern Panalytical

In the Middle of March 2020 Adamant Solar started, despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, with the construction of its land tight project in Eindhoven, which is...

Solar Carport Bloemendaal aan Zee

Adamant Solar & Rooftop Energy sign final agreement for the construction of the P1 & P2 Solar Carport.
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